Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival

We are sorry to announce we won’t be organising a Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival in 2015

Festival Organisers Gary and Tina

Firstly I’d like to thank Gary and Tina for not only having the idea but in taking the brave step of making it happen. The events have been a real achievement and have only been a good thing for Mablethorpe, its residents, businesses and visitors.

Although the event has been a success it has been extremely hard work. Trying to coincide it with the last sand race meant it was so early in the year there was just too bigger chance of rain. Moving it a little bit later in the year made it almost impossible to attract traders who had bigger events they could attend instead.

Finding a venue has also been tricky. Like many events in Mablethorpe we couldn’t find a suitable place where we could charge an entrance fee. Queens Park was chosen because the car park was suitable for the stunt riders but it doesn’t offer enough space to grow the event. Parking for the visiting bikes was also an issue.

Obviously we would have liked the event to grow each year to make it bigger and better, so people would want to come back but in many ways we felt we had hit the limit of what could be done.

There definitely won’t be a 2015 festival but beyond that it’s too early to say but we feel a re-think would be required.

Tina and the MAP CIC organised a bike night on Mablethorpe High Street last summer which was well attended and popular with the locals. We definitely intend to hold that event again in 2015 and it would probably never have come about without the festival.

Please note we have no involvement with the sand racing which remains unaffected.

2014 Festival

The rain stayed away and the people turned up so the 2014 Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival was a great success and the Mablethorpe Bikers would like to thank:

BSB Rider Karl Bomber Harris with Gary

The late Karl Bomber Harris with Gary

The Wheelie Machine

Click to see the Wheelie Machine

Two Brothers Stunt Team

Click to see the Two Brothers Stunt Team advert

Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival 2014 Poster

Click to see the Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival 2014 Poster

The 2014 Festival was held on the 27th of April – you can read all about it on the Mablethorpe Motorcycle Festival 2014 review page.

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